Was Your Aerial Photography Company Built from a Hobby?

Sacramento, California by Drone, Credit: YouTube

I have to admire drone operators who can successfully turn their hobby into a business; after all, it’s no small feat. However, it does raise some concerns. Combine the introduction of FAA Part 107 with the fact that more advanced and cost effective UAS platforms are being released each day and you have a recipe […]

The Importance of Selecting The Right Aerial Photography Company

DJI Inspire, Credit: YouTube

In my opinion, articles like “As drone industry grows, a fight looms for control of the sky” by Andrew J. Goudsward of app.com really emphasize the importance of selecting the right aerial photography firm; it can be the difference between a quality product and something sub-par. As Jim Komsa points out, since 2013, the aerial photography market has […]

Selecting the Best Drone for Aerial Photography and Aerial Filming

DJI Inspire 1, Credit: YouTube

Have you ever wondered which drone would be the best for aerial photography? Which would be best for aerial filming? While opinions vary, generally speaking, there are a few drones that everyone seems to agree on. Generally speaking, DJI is a good bet (that’s why the list below is largely dominated by DJI drones). The […]