Was Your Aerial Photography Company Built from a Hobby?

Was Your Aerial Photography Company Built from a Hobby?

I have to admire drone operators who can successfully turn their hobby into a business; after all, it’s no small feat. However, it does raise some concerns. Combine the introduction of FAA Part 107 with the fact that more advanced and cost effective UAS platforms are being released each day and you have a recipe for problems. As it becomes easier and easier to enter the market, with new aerial businesses being launched regularly, how do you sort the signal from the noise? How do you make the right choice?

The answer is education. At Vertworx, our ideal customer is the educated customer. The educated customer knows what they want and they know why Vertworx is the best choice. When it comes time for you to make the choice, be an educated customer and choose Vertworx. You’ll be glad you did.

Penn student Christopher Kao, a 21-year-old summer intern at Curalate, was looking for a way to fund his drone piloting hobby. So he built a company around it.

Philly By Drone, a five-person startup born two months ago, is taking to the skies to drum up clients for its aerial photography and video offering. But there’s more to the business pitch than crisp hover shots and skyline porn.

“A lot of [real estate] developers are interested in knowing what the view is going to be from a building before it’s even constructed,” Kao told Technical.ly of the need his company is trying to meet.

For example, over the weekend, Kao took a close look at the upcoming Comcast Technology Center, to be completed in 2018. Using a DJI Inspire 1 Pro, the entrepreneur and licensed drone pilot captured what the views will look like from the massive tower, slated to become the tallest in Philly upon completion.

Drone startup offers 360° photo tour of Philly’s tallest building