New Star Wars Battle Drones Are “Not a Toy,” But Still Look Fun

Propels Star Wars Drones, Credit: YouTube
Propels Star Wars Drones, Credit: Propel
Propels Star Wars Drones, Credit: Propel

For the Star War’s UAV fans out there, you are going to love the newest offering from Propel. Keep in mind, Propel wants to be clear, these are not toys. I find the “reverse propulsion” system to be quite interesting.

Propel’s Star Wars Battle Drones, one of the major players at this year’s Force Friday II celebrations, are not a toy. Darren Matloff, CEO of Propel, could not be clearer about this.

“I’m not saying our drones can’t be played with by young people – we have all kinds of technology in there that makes them easy to fly. But it’s not a toy,” he reiterates at a world exclusive reveal of the drones in Brussels.

“We have put so much of the latest technology into the drones. It is revolutionary, creating a product that is so cutting edge but we’re putting it in the market at a price point that’s so compelling.”

The technology he refers to is impressive. Most impressive. The drones fly in a unique way, compared to their rivals in the market. They use a technology called ‘reverse propulsion’ – where the blades are on the bottom of the craft instead of on the top.

How these Star Wars quadcopters plan to propel drone gaming into the mainstream

Check out the unboxing video below:

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Propel Star Wars Drones – Unboxing & Overview

You can learn more at Propel.



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