The Importance of Selecting The Right Aerial Photography Company

DJI Inspire, Credit: YouTube

In my opinion, articles like “As drone industry grows, a fight looms for control of the sky” by of really emphasize the importance of selecting the right aerial photography firm; it can be the difference between a quality product and something sub-par.

As Jim Komsa points out, since 2013, the aerial photography market has become saturated. What is important to point out is, even though you may have more choices, you may not have more quality choices. When you select a firm for your next aerial photography or aerial cinematography project, you have an important choice. That why I recommend you ask how long your provider has been in business? What, if any, marquee clients they might have? What, if any, references they might have?

At Vertworx, we are proud of our work and our reputation in the industry; we’ve been building it since 2013. Consider us for your next project, and I’m confident, you’ll be glad you did.

When Jim Komsa launched his aerial photography business in 2013, using airplanes to shoot photos from the sky, he said there were only a handful of competitors in all of New Jersey. Now, there are dozens.

Komsa, the co-owner of Brick-based Shore Aerial Photography, credits one main factor in the growth of his industry: drones.

“The drone industry is booming very rapidly,” he said. “Anybody you talk to, it’s cool to fly a drone, just to get your hands on the controls and fly this thing around.”

Federal regulations allowing hobbyists and businesses to buy drones, led to plunging prices and explosive growth in the industry. There are now more than 1.1 million consumer drones — formally called unmanned aerial systems — in the skies over the U.S., according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Companies are using the technology in everything from utility inspections to movie sets, agriculture, real estate, scientific research and law enforcement.

As drone industry grows, a fight looms for control of the sky


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