Selecting the Best Drone for Aerial Photography and Aerial Filming

Selecting the Best Drone for Aerial Photography and Aerial Filming

Have you ever wondered which drone would be the best for aerial photography? Which would be best for aerial filming? While opinions vary, generally speaking, there are a few drones that everyone seems to agree on. Generally speaking, DJI is a good bet (that’s why the list below is largely dominated by DJI drones).

The following 12 drones (presented in alphabetical order) are all good choices for aerial photography and aerial filming:

If you’d like to learn why each of the drones listed above made the list, then continue reading below:

Well If you are then a drone is a great addition to your filming arsenal. Not only will it provide you with a platform for new levels of creativity but it will also allow you to be one of the first in the field using advanced drones for filming. Once you think of the possibilities it will be easy to make a decision to make this one of your new hobbies. All of these drones are GPS stabilized which means control is easy and doesn’t require any special skill. Professionals photographers will get a valuable tool that will help them with work opportunities. Hobbyists will have a remote quadcopter that can film where they live, their holidays, weddings, party’s and anything else you can think of.


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