The Astrodome, Getting A New Perspective From The Air

The Astrodome in Houston, TX, Bukowsky18 March 22, 2009

One of the things we celebrate at VERTWORX is the unique perspectives that drones can provide. Aerial cinematography, when properly used, can make something old seem new again. The following is a great example of that. We usually never pass up an opportunity to photograph the inside of the Astrodome. It’s probably the most-photographed building […]

The New DJI Mavic Air, Is It Right For You?

DJI Mavic Air, Credit: DJI

DJI has been leading the pack in consumer drone development for a while now, that’s we use some of their higher end equipment at VertWorx and exclusively use their equipment at Drone Universities. Their latest product innovation doesn’t disappoint; I’m talking about the new DJI Mavic Air, and as a DJI Spark owner, I’m already […]

New Star Wars Battle Drones Are “Not a Toy,” But Still Look Fun

Propels Star Wars Drones, Credit: YouTube

For the Star War’s UAV fans out there, you are going to love the newest offering from Propel. Keep in mind, Propel wants to be clear, these are not toys. I find the “reverse propulsion” system to be quite interesting. Propel’s Star Wars Battle Drones, one of the major players at this year’s Force Friday […]

Popular Drone Lines, Phantom and Mavic, Expanded by DJI

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, Credit: DJI

DJI just announced their updated Mavic Pro, the Mavic Pro Platinum and the new Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian. Both of these are pretty amazing pieces of hardware, however it’s the Mavic Pro Platinum that has the real updates with 30 minutes of flight time and it is now 60% quieter. The DJI announced today at […]

Aerial Photographer Denis Esakov Photographs Europe

Kremlin Moscow, Russia, Credit: Stock Photography

One of my favorite things about my drone is that it gives me new and unique perspectives on places I’ve visited many times; apparently, I’m in talented company, since photographer Denis Esakov enjoys the same. Denis captured aerial views of 70 different European metropolitan cities, his “fifth facades.” In a scene from Dead Poets Society, […]

Finding The Balance Between Imaging and Performance

Aerix DaVinci, Credit: YouTube

When searching for a consumer drone, you are often asked to compromise between your ability to capture and raw speed; most people end up with drones that favor capturing events, that’s why we’ve been seeing such rapid improvements in drone optics. Some people even end up with multiple drones. However, Aerix Drones thinks they have […]

Another Reason You Should Be Considering Vertworx

Real Estate, Credit: Stock Photography

With consumer drones becoming increasingly more advanced and their prices continuously dropping, people sometimes wonder what function an organization like Vertworx serves. It’s simple really, we offer our customers a combination of a wealth of aerial cinematography experience and a deep understanding of drone rules, restrictions and law, wrapped together with comprehensive insurance and tied […]

Wishlist: What Would You Like To See In A DJI Phantom 5?

DJI Phantom 4, Credit: YouTube

I thoroughly enjoy reading about the experiences of other pilots. A great example of what I’m talking about is Jordan Bush of FStoppers’s recent post “DJI Phantom 5 Pro Quadcopter Wishlist of New Features” where he talks about not only he experience but how, based on this experience, he’d like to see the DJI Phantom […]

Soon To Be Implemented LAANC Is Good For Drone Operators

UAV Operator, Credit: YouTube

Signaling progress in our industry, the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, a new program being developed by the FAA will make it easier for drone operators to fly near airports. If you weren’t aware, airports are always no-fly zones, at least currently. With these changes, paperwork you had to file to request permission to […]

Staying Legal With Your UAV

Air Dog 2, Credit: YouTube

In San Francisco, CBS Local recently posted an article titled “Airdog Autonomous Drone Flies Through Gray Area Of Law” that highlighted a very interesting element of current UAV law in the United States. Today, the FAA is very clear, they require that the drone operator maintain visual line of sight or VLOS with their drone […]