Soon To Be Implemented LAANC Is Good For Drone Operators

Soon To Be Implemented LAANC Is Good For Drone Operators

Signaling progress in our industry, the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, a new program being developed by the FAA will make it easier for drone operators to fly near airports. If you weren’t aware, airports are always no-fly zones, at least currently. With these changes, paperwork you had to file to request permission to fly near airports that would historically take up to a month could be turned around in 24 hours. This would be great news for commercial and recreational operators.

The LAANC is being implemented in 50 airports around the United States this fall, including airports in Jamestown, Dickinson and Devils Lake in North Dakota and Aberdeen, S.D., in this region, according to a press release from the FAA.

“There are clients that want work done,” Adams said, referring to the demand for aerial video and photography. “This will make life a lot easier.”

Once operational, the LAANC will allow commercial drone pilots to make requests to operate in controlled airspace, usually within 5 miles of an airport, and receive notification from the FAA within 24 hours. When fully implemented, the capability will also allow drone hobbyists to notify officials when they want to fly within restricted airspace.

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