USAF Wants To Be Able To “Take Action” Against Your Drone

USAF Wants To Be Able To “Take Action” Against Your Drone

The laws are very clear, you aren’t allowed to fly your drone over (or even very close to) a US air base; if you accidentally did, you’d expect a warning, citation or fine. All three of which seem like reasonable responses. If the US Air Force gets it’s way, you might have to deal with another response, you might just have to deal with the loss of your drone if it is shot out of the sky.

It’s already illegal to fly your drone over air bases in the United States, but currently, only federal civilian agencies can jam and disable drones. Taking action against drones is a federal matter being addressed, along with drone regulation in general.

But the United States Air Force wants permission to act more quickly. Largely due to two recent events, one involving an F-22 Raptor barely avoiding a small commercial UAS on landing. The USAF did not have the authority to act on either potential threat.

“Imagine a world where somebody flies a couple hundred of those, and flies one down the intake of one of my F-22s with just a small weapon,” General James Holmes, head of Air Combat Command, said at an Air Force Association breakfast last week. “I need the authority to deal with that.”

The Air Force Wants to Shoot Down Trespassing Drones

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