The 4th Annual International Drone Photography Contest Results

The 4th Annual International Drone Photography Contest Results

Now in it’s fourth year, the International Drone Photography Contest recently passed. Submissions were judged by experts from National Geographic and Dronestagram, and I have to say the quality of the work this year was stunning. If you are an aerial photographer yourself or just appreciate amazing photography I suggest you follow the link below.

The popularity of drones has made it that much easier to capture breathtaking aerial photography (not to mention video) of cityscapes, nature, and everything in between that, in the past, would have required much more equipment, planning, and physical exertion (or a helicopter ride).

The International Drone Photography Contest, now in its fourth year, highlights some of the best shots made from high above, and the winning photographs are, predictably, gorgeous, surprising, and a little bit cheeky.

The selections are broken into three main categories—nature, people, and urban—and the submissions were judged by a panel of experts from National Geographic and Dronestagram, the drone photography sharing website based in France that runs the competition.

12 best drone photos according to National Geographic