Professional-Quality Video With A Tap Of Your Phone?



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As technology evolves, for all the hidden complexity, the goal is to move towards simplicity. It’s this drive that is pushing UAS platforms further and further. Consider the technology found in a new DJI Spark and compare it with a DJI Phantom 3; how dated has the DJI Phantom 3 become? How much simpler has the DJI Spark become?

Now technology is creating new questions. Can you can capture “professional-quality video shots with a tap of your phone screen?” If you can, should you (are they really “professional-quality?”)?

When it comes to “professional-quality,” my answer is always the same, I defer to the experts; experts like Vertworx.

Flying a drone used to be something that only professionals and serious hobbyists indulged in due to the complexity in operating it. However, drone technologies have advanced so much today that just about anyone, without prior knowledge, can fly the device easily. In fact, the latest drone in the market like the DJI Spark can be controlled easily using just hand gestures. It can also do all sorts of professional-quality video shots with a tap of your phone screen.

Drones: New age gadgets for aerial photography, videography


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