LA100: The Aerial Photography Drone for Non-Flyers

LA100: The Aerial Photography Drone for Non-Flyers

Are you looking for a dead simple drone that will capture footage as it flies a pre-programmed path? If you answered yes, then the LA100 from France’s Lehmann Aviation may be just the drone for you. And you can be confident that you’ll master the operation of this drone quickly because of it’s very limited feature-set. Remember, this drone was designed to bring aerial photography to “non-flyers.”

Micro UAVs have proven a boon for photographers looking to spread their wings into the aerial realm. Similarly, wearable actioncams, like the GoPro line, have enabled amateurs to capture professional quality images and video from angles hitherto the province of seasoned professionals with expensive equipment. France’s Lehmann Aviation is bringing these two technologies together with the LA100, a fully automatic UAV designed specifically to carry a GoPro HERO3 camera.

Like the Swinglet CAM UAV, the LA100 follows a pre-programmed flight path, but unlike the Swinglet, the LA100’s flight path can’t be customized or overridden by remote control. This is because the aircraft is targeted specifically at users with no piloting background. After a few minutes of capturing footage from a height of 80 to 100 meters (262 – 328 ft) with no input from the user on the ground, the hand-launched LA100 returns to the launch site for a horizontal landing.

LA100 fully autonomous UAV brings aerial photography to non-flyers