Before You Crash Your Drone, Use A Simulator

Before You Crash Your Drone, Use A Simulator

LifeHacker recently published some sage advice for any would be drone pilot or aerial photographer out there. The advice is so simple, they literally encapsulated all of it, in the article title … “Use a Drone Simulator to Practice Before You Buy.” Why? Drones are expensive and it’s highly likely you will crash a few times before you get the hang of it.

No one wants to buy a $500 hobby drone only to discover they’re a bad pilot, especially considering how one bad twist or crash can leave your investment in pieces. Practice on a simulator before you buy one, just to be safe (and show off in front of friends).

Drone simulators are perfect for honing your skills or finding out if you even care about the hobby at all. Besides replicating the physics of quadcopter flight, drone simulators offer other features like a variety of locations to practice, multiplayer action, and support for gear you already have at home.

Use a Drone Simulator to Practice Before You Buy

Are simulators the only answer? Not at all. If you have the budget and can commit the time, the very best way to learn how to operate your drone is learning hands-on from a reputable training school like Drone Universities. At Drone Universities, not only can they prepare you for FAA Part 107, you can also enroll in specialized training for skills like aerial photography and aerial filming. IMHO, nothing beats hands-on training, especially when you consider Drone Universities offers industry leading student to teacher ratios.